I’m a passionate Design Thinker, Human Centred & Experience Designer (UX) with background in product development and management.

But that was not always my career… I went to uni to become an Industrial Engineer and finally during my last year I realized what it was all about and that wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I learned a lot of logical and strategic integrative thinking which I still use nowadays. That was the moment when I really discovered my passion around creating strategic meaningful connections between people and businesses. At that time I found this career path in marketing and my professional experience started. After some years as analyst, product and brand manager at various industries and even as an entrepreneur, I kept looking for the real big thing, as my experience was more business than people centred.

Everything changed when I came across Design Thinking which changed my perspective and helped me to define my passion. I believe that human centred design plays a key role in changing and shaping the future of businesses and even society. I fell in love with design thinking because I like to understand people’s behavior & motivations.

Since then I have collaborated & lead multidisciplinary teams within large scale complex projects in an end to end approach. I love to be able to be the voice of the user to create products/services that become the bridge between the user and the business.

Now I want to keep growing in this arena, that for sure will keep evolving, that brings not only a career challenge but personal development as well. That’s why I want to be involved in discussions around leadership in general, women leadership in particular, and social innovation. I am lucky enough to start this journey on the public sector with the challenge of shaping the future of public transport in Victoria, including Melbourne, “the most livable city in the world”.

As a person I want to keep building my personal development journey not only learning and sharing with people, but doing one of the things I enjoy the most: traveling to discover the world.




User research methodologies: user interviews, surveys, contextual inquiries.

Analysis and synthesis of research: problem definition, Insight uncovering, concept and business case development, personas and user journeys.

Wireframing, prototyping and usability testing.


Workshop facilitation including rapid prototyping and design studio.

Collaboration within multidisciplinary teams.

Client and Stakeholder management.