Below you will find a summary of some case studies that showcase the type of projects I’ve worked on applying Human Centred Design, Design Thinking and UX Design in the past. These will walk you through the process I followed, my role and the outcomes along it. The projects I’m working on at the moment can’t be displayed here for confidentiality reasons, but hopefully when they come to public I’ll be able to share my process, lessons learned and discoveries.

Hudsons Coffee: Mobile app to enhance customer experience

The conflict when the problem is not the problem

Brief vs. Research findings

Even though Hudsons Coffee requested an app to implement features around events to enhance their customers’ experience, from very early stages in our research phase we discovered there was no interests in events at cafes. This led the project to a new journey to find other ways to meet the real final goal: enhance customer experience. The result was a service design approach solution where the app became part of the whole experience. The solution: a double integrated interface for two key users: the customer and staff members/barista.

My Role

Senior UX Designer, acting as key client liason. Responsible for user research including contextual inquiries and user surveys; as well as executing analysis & synthesis of findings. Facilitation of co-design workshops with the design team: design studio, empathy maps, user journeys. Conduct Usability Tests and provide input to the development of the interactive prototype. Manage project timeline.

Key skills applied

  • Client and Stakeholder management.
  • User research methodologies: user interviews & surveys.
  • Analysis and synthesis of research: special emphasis in personas and user journeys.
  • Usability testing.
  • Workshop facilitation: design studio.
  • Collaboration within a multidisciplinary team.